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Caring for Your Child With Asthma

Your child's asthma may be caused by specific stimuli or irritants. When exposed to these irritants, which cause dryness in the throat and airway, your child's body reacts by producing excess mucus as lubrication. The resulting cough and wheezing sound you can hear when your child is experiencing an asthma attack is caused by the excess mucus building up in the airway and lungs.While airborne irritants can be asthma triggers, an attack can also be brought on by exercise, an infection, a change in the weather or even emotional factors. Proper care of your child during an asthma attack is vitally important.It is important, if you can, to discover what caused your child's asthma attack. As soon as possible ask the child what she was doing at the time of the attack and if your child was at school or in child care at the time check with her teacher or carer if there was anything in particular that produced the attack. Try to keep a diary of your child's health to identify patterns of her asthma attacks.To hel...


Learning How To Contend With Your Allergies And Also Hay Fever

In relation to allergies and hay fever many men and women do not actually understand specifically what their bodies are doing or why they've these reactions. The simple truth is that when a particular person has an allergy, for instance hay fever, things such as ragweed and pollen will cause your system to discharge antibodies to fight off these things. But, the reason why you start having a runny nose and itchy eyes, is mainly because your body is releasing just too many antibodies, and the antibodies begin attacking your own bodies tissue, and that is precisely what causes these problems. Here we are going to be speaking about a few of the actions you can take in order to alleviate a number of these symptoms so you can stop suffering.You're going to realize that one of the most popular ways to contend with hay fever and also allergies is by taking medications given by a doctor. The problem with using such medications are the side effects which can be a result of these medications, not to mention you need to...


Running Tips - Running With Allergies

Most runners would much rather run outside than inside. However, for those runners with allergies, running outdoors is not as fun as for those without allergies. For them, even a 20-minute run can turn into a sneezing, wheezing, runny nose nightmare. But, there are some things that you can do to get a pleasant run in.The pollen in the air is something that will make your runs not so enjoyable. So, run when the pollen counts are low. There are websites that can check that will tell you when the pollen is at the worst in your area. But, usually pollen counts are the highest in the morning between 6 and 10. So, try to not run during that time.If you enjoy morning running - as I know I do - but, you suffer from allergies, you can always run with a bandana or some sort of mask to cover your nose and mouth. This will keep you from inhaling as much of the pollen.Make sure that you are consistent with taking your allergy medications. Taking them regularly will definitely help. If you just take them when you think you...


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